Since solar energy is silent, free and renewable, we provide you benefit from this efficient resource to enjoy hot water at all time and saving energy at the same time. A Solar Water Heater can be a cost-effective and affordable way to generate hot water for your home for any use. It implements the technique of conversion of sunlight into heat for heating the water using a solar thermal collector. Solar Water Heaters are widely used for residential and some industrial applications.

  • Thermo siphon system:

This is the most widely used system configuration even for a small application, up to 3000 liters capacity. In this system, cold water will flow into the system due to a pressure difference and therefore the source of cold water must be placed at least seven feet or more, higher above the terrace level where a solar water heater system will be installed. This is the “thermosiphon principle” which makes use of the propulsion energy.


  • Forced circulation system:

In forced circulation system, source of cold water supply can be at any level as water shall be pumped into the system. It is recommended to use forced circulatory system where the source of cold water is not placed at sufficient height. In case of large systems also, it is recommended to have forced circulatory system to attain sufficient water pressure and to maintain uniform water temperature. Thus it helps in the heating the water present there.

  • Solar water heater with heat exchanger:

Water quality and ambient temperature varies from place to place. If the water is hard, it will deposit minerals inside the water tubes of the solar collector. As a result the solar collector tubes may be blocked and performance of the system will be reduced drastically. Thus this system will prevent this happen.

  • Compact Type :
  • Most of the solar water heaters installed in the country are the compact type. Here either the solar collectors are directly inserted into the hot water storage tank or the collector and the storage tank are placed together with a small and flexible interconnection pipe.